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Korean-Gold LTD

Invest in the leader of the mining industry and earn profits with us!

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KOREAN-GOLD LTD LTD engaged in mining operations from 2018. The company's mines are located around the world.

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We mine gold, silver and platinum. We are a leading mining company.

Korean-Gold LTD

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Gold and silver have been known to people for several millennia. Archeologists found a huge number of gold and silver products. Gold and silver do not oxidize in the air. Time has no power over them. Due to these features these metals have been highly valued at all times.

Platinum became known much later than gold and silver. Platinum became known only in the 16th century. Platinum nuggets were found together with gold nuggets. In the beginning, people did not pay attention to platinum and even threw it away because of its low value. For a long time, people could not process platinum. Platinum is a refractory metal. Its melting point is 1773.5 °C. Only in the first half of the 19th century people learned to process platinum.

The unique features of platinum have made it popular in many branches of technology, medicine, and jewelry. Small explored reserves, small production volumes, unique features and the demand of platinum in different industries have led to the fact that the price of platinum is 2 times higher than the price of gold. Areas of use of platinum are truly limitless. The demand in platinum is very high. The use of platinum is limited only by its low supply. Therefore, platinum is actively used in the most technologically advanced industries, in the military, in the space research, in medicine, in the production of the most high-tech equipment. Platinum is also actively used in jewelry. The most expensive jewelry is not made of gold, they are made of platinum, which is the most rare and valuable precious metal.

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Brian Smith (Chief Financial Officer)

“Being an experienced financial officer, I never expected to go broke by investing into some projects. This is what happened when I had first decided to put my money into the ambitious startup.I thought I would never risk like this again, but after a significant research and some advice from my close friends I invested into LTD.I was never disappointed again, and now constantly get a passive income!”

Lisa Brown (Sole proprietor)

“In addition to the work, I have a hobby: I invest money in young perspective companies. I like supporting them and watching their development.I wish to point out that this company is in the top three of my personal list. Good comission provides a stable profit, and I am sure it will only increase with the company's development. I am absolutely satisfied with this company and can definitely recommend investing in it!”

Hunter Lewis (Freelancer, traveler)

“A year ago I quit my job and went freelance to follow my dream of becoming a traveler. But sometimes I had no Internet connection and couldn't work at all. Then I started thinking about having a passive income. I remembered one of my colleagues from the last job investing in LTD and decided to do the same. I realized that it works! Now I don't worry about money. Thank you, guys!”


Сompany document LTD is a legal registered company engaged in the mining of precious metals: gold, silver and platinum. A full list of legal documents of the company can be found on our website. We provide the most reliable and safe investments to our investors.

Invest in LTD AND earn profits with us!